Sino Suisse Capital

Sino Suisse Capital Pte. Ltd.

Sino Suisse is an independent asset management firm based in Singapore founded in 2017, run with a partnership structure and culture. As a Capital Markets Services Licence (CMS 100660) holder, we adhere closely to stringent compliance regulations and requirements by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and uphold high standards of integrity.

We provide investment advisory, portfolio management, and wealth planning services to ultra-high-net-worth (UNHW) individuals and families. We endeavor to generate optimal risk-adjusted returns for your portfolio. We believe the key factors to stellar investment performance often results from a robust and rigorous investment process.

At Sino Suisse, we adopt a comprehensive 6-step investment framework. We believe at the heart of every good investment portfolio; asset allocation is of paramount importance.


Since our establishment in 2017, the Sino Suisse philosophy has been built upon two founding principles of Real Returns and Partnership.

Real Returns

We manage money on behalf of clients following our Sino Suisse Real Return Approach, implemented by an investment team with substantial experience and a proven long-term track record. The approach demands that all potential investments are analysed from an absolute basis rather than relative to any benchmark or index. The focus is on protecting and growing clients’ capital in real terms.


Our business is run with a partnership structure and culture. We align our interests as owners in partnership with our clients.We are an investment-led organisation that controls the growth of our business. It’s important to us that clients fully understand our approach and share a similar objective or mind-set.

Our Key Principles

  • Focused on protecting and growing the real value of clients’ capital
  • Partnership structure and culture
  • Alignment of interest with clients through controlled growth and investment objectives
  • Investment-led culture and independence.
  • Broad spread of clients with a focus on our core capabilities
  • Genuine long-term perspective.
  • We avoid herd-like mentality

Our 3 Core Values




Our Clients

At Sino Suisse, we go above and beyond to comprehend your needs, gain a deep understanding of your current position, and create a solution that is completely tailored to your needs. We strive to become your single point of contact for all your financial needs.

We treasure long-term relationships and have built partnerships based on trust and understanding that have withstood the test of time.

Our Awards

October 2019

CHF300 Million

Surpassing CHF300 Million mark in
Asset Under Management at Bank Julius Baer 

USD80 Million

USD80 Million mark in
structured products executed at Barclays
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-13 at 4.09.27 PM
March 2020

CHF2.25 Billion

Breaking CHF2.25 Billion mark in
Asset Under
Management at Credit Suisse
CS Mar 2020 2.25Bn


Client Orientated


We aim to align ourselves with client interests by only pursuing clients who seek our philosophy, process and core competencies.



Partnership has an important implicit contract of mutual responsibility amongst the Partners and with the clients.



Vital foundation is of utmost importance in a business dealing with the management of client capital.