Sino Suisse Capital

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sino Suisse, a core tenet of our beliefs is giving back to society. We want to do our part to drive social development but are cognizant of our limitations in terms of time and expertise. Hence , Sino Suisse Capital Pte Ltd in partnership with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (“FASS”) of the National University of Singapore (“NUS”) has started an endowment fund in perpetuity at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Social Work. This endowment fund will be used to award up to 6 internship grants of SGD1,500 each annually to students who are doing internship/placements at youth-at-risk agencies. NUS will be responsible for, and have sole discretion in, the selection of candidates and the administration of the Prize. The awarding of the Internship Grant is intended to commence in Academic Year 2020/2021.

The main objective of the Internship grant is to supplement social work students during their internships. Sino Suisse’s vision is of that to nurture young talent to develop knowledge and cultivate innovation from a young age to be able to be the future leaders of tomorrow.