Sino Suisse Capital

Our Services

Discretionary Portfolio Management


We focus on delivering consistent risk-adjusted performance. Despite our varying investment strategies with regards to the underlying asset classes and level of risk, they are derived from a rigorous portfolio construction process, which puts capital preservation at its core. We base our portfolio management process on the principles of risk/reward and relative value; only taking risks when they are associated with adequate rewards.

We are mindful of secular trends and the challenges brought upon us by globalization and technological shifts.

Wealth Management


We place emphasis on growing wealth responsibly, providing our clients the comfort and luxury to dedicate precious time to the most substantial things in life to them. Our investment philosophy is the belief that a rigorous and disciplined approach is the key to successful investing.

Notwithstanding your need for either a diversified strategy or a focused portfolio, we are here to help you. Our discretionary managed accounts and advisory provide a wide range of mandates covering multi-asset classes. In the modern era of investing, we believe the adoption of both fundamental and technical analysis are the key ingredients for portfolio performance.

We pride ourselves in tailor-made customization of the elements of the investment strategy. Following a consultative review of the client’s objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon, a suitable investment strategy is identified. Our investment team will then construct and actively manage the portfolio and will adapt the asset allocation dynamically according to market conditions.

Advisory Portfolio Management


We provide advisory based on your financial needs and objectives with our clients having the final say in portfolio construction and investment decisions. Advisory portfolio management allows individuals to consult investment professionals before implementing modifications to their portfolios construct. By assigning us, your managers, a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA), your assets are held and administered by your custodian banks of choice while we will ensure the rest are taken care of by us as your point of contact. We are custodian agnostic and will provide a comprehensive consolidated report of your assets, across multiple asset classes and custodian banks. Our platform helps you achieve scalable revenue growth, streamlined efficiency and cost transparency.

Family Office


For families with investable assets whose main objective is for capital preservation and growth for future generations, a family office is established to handle investment and wealth management. The core objective of a family office is the centralization and consolidation of family assets.

By assigning us as your single point of contact, your assets will continue to be held by your custodian banks and we will liaise with them, effectively making us your family office. We strive to provide a comprehensive consolidated report of your assets, across multiple asset classes and banks.

The practice of investment, alongside developing the conditions within which the right degree of thought and analysis takes place, is of paramount importance.